Mario Orlando and Figli Tribune Facilities

Event planning is not as simple as it may seem to be. The process involves sorting out several challenges with the logistics and ensuring that the persons who will attend the event get the best experience possible. The different event types require different expertise in their handling. It, therefore, proves to be more advantageous to work with professional event planners.
Mario Orlando and Figli Company can design tribunes that are perfect for any particular event. No matter how big or small the event is, they provide all the necessary materials required for the event to make it as attractive and successful as possible.

Modular Tribune

The company offers modular tribunes for all events that require the same. The tribunes are characterized with Italian versatility. They are made of an element with S235 JR H and steel profile of S355 JOH. The soldering process includes various inspections that follow the UNI EN 3834 prescriptions. The structures are also coated with hot zinc making them more resistant to corrosion.

modular mobile tribunes online

Types of Tribunes

The events that people organize are different; and so are the tribune types in each. There are two types of tribunes: Alfa and Beta. The Alfa type is conceived for concerts and events, while the Beta type is ideal for sporting events.
They all have an adjustable basis to support and adjust the heights for perfect leveling. The deck boards of Mario Orlando tribunes are anti-slip too. The tribunes, depending on the events’ owners can be fitted with benches or comfortable seats that have no backs. The benches used are made of fireproof birch wood. As for the seats, they are made from GRADE 1 nylon – fireproof too – or polypropylene.


The installation process is safe, and safety is guaranteed. The assembly and dismantling process is very simple, and one needs not to be skilled. The process is slide and slot.
After fitting, the elements become firm in their position, and it is hard to remove thus guaranteeing safety. The only way the elements can be removed is by use of the appropriate tools.
All of Mario Orlando tribunes are compliant, and they continue upgrading them to have them compliant with the rules of the Structural and seismic laws DM 14/01/2008.
Getting to organize an appealing event is crucial in ensuring the event’s success. This can be made easy by employing the services of companies that provide facilities needed for the event such as Mario Orlando and Figli Company.