Living a Dream in Bellagio Villas

Can dreams be bought? Absolutely, they can. And I can tell you where they are sold and by whom.

I purchased a villa Bellagio located on the Como Lake in Italy, where I have always dreamed of owning a home. These luxurious homes were built by renowned Nessi & Majocchi corporation. These construction folks know how to impress.

villas and penthouses in bellagio, Italy

The View from Bellagio Villas

Plucked straight from my imagination, I can tell you the view is like no other. The first time I toured my home before buying it, I remember walking out onto the back patio, and seeing that gorgeous, blue water lap up the side of the wall below. I wanted to shed my shoes and dive right into the lake. The breeze was blowing slightly, cooling my skin which had become heated from the bright sun above. Birds flapped their wings overhead, racing toward the horizon. Above the lake shore, I observed the slow incline of the mountainside wearing a skirt of trees and dotted with the homes of other lucky buyers of Bellagio villas, all colors blending in and reflecting in the calm waters of Lake Como. Nature and man-made structures blend in as one, with the design of each complimenting the other. The sky stretched above, bright and clear. I knew then as sure as I was standing there, that this was my dream come true and I had to live it.

The Home

The inside of my villa Bellagio matched the outside view in beauty and elegance. The interior is bathed in modern style and draped in taste and sophistication. Simple colors and chic design will remind you that yes, you are living in Italy without needing to step a toe outside.

The Amenities

My home also has a pool running parallel to Lake Como. This has been a wonderful form of entertainment when I have had dinner parties for my friends and families. My guests and I enjoy the choice of either the sanitation of a pool or the cool touch and smells of the lake when we want to go for a swim. I count the neighbors (who easily became my friends) as an amenity as well, which is odd, I know. But it’s true. Here you will find a collection of folks who are worldly, diverse and friendly all enjoying the rich culture of Bellagio.

The Recommendation

I never thought heaven existed on Earth. I tell you it does, right here in a villa Bellagio.